Volupta Rosè Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

Volupta Rosè Colli Piacentini

Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

COLOUR: bright pink
BOUQUET: fresh, floral, fruity
AGEING: short, 3 months in cement or steel tanks
FLAVOUR: dry, slightly aromatic, typical hint of strawberry

Volupta Rosè Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna
Volupta is the rosé of “Rossi Terre di Cuccagna” winery. Volupta is a lightly sparkling rosé suitable as with appetizers and fish dishes. Volupta is made from grapes Pinot . The grapes are harvested in early September (they are the first grapes to ripen) and pressed in our winery.

The crushed grapes are then put into fermentation tanks where it will begin the phase of the alcoholic fermentation and at the same time takes a short maceration which will get the typical pink color and aromas of flowers, but also of red berries. The maceration lasts a few days so as not to remove too many dyes and in order to have fresh and pleasing aromas and flavors; after having separated the juice from the skins, the alcoholic fermentation continues in vats at a controlled temperature to always have a pleasant floral notes.

Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, we proceed with decanting. The wine is left to rest in the tanks in the cellar until winter, when it is transferred into an autoclave for fermentation. After the second fermentation, we proceed with filtration and bottling.

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