Malvasia Dolce Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

Malvasia Dolce Colli Piacentini

Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

COLOUR: straw-yellow with golden tinges
BOUQUET: characteristic, aromatic, pleasant floral and fruity notes
AGEING: two/three months in steel temperature controlled tanks
FLAVOUR: sweet, aromatic, fruity


  • Malvasia Dolce Colli Piacentini v. 2000
    It has been included into the guide Vini d’Italia
    2004 L’Espresso as a “two bottles” wine
Malvasia Dolce Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna
The Malvasia has always grown on our hills, in particular, the Malvasia di Candia Aromatica variety, characterized by particular fragrance. The grapes are usually harvested during the first ten days of September and, once pressed, we exert a particular proceeding. Unlike other varieties of white grapes, we will proceed with a maceration of 24 hours during which the must remain in contact with the skins. And that is the skin which contains most of the aromatic compounds that give wine its classic fragrance.

After this short period, we will proceed to the racking and to the must clarifying to separate small solid particles still present from the first pressing must. To keep it fresh and fruity, the wine is then put into tanks-refrigerator where the temperature will remain below 5°C.

After this short period of maturation the wine is transferred into autoclaves where the fermentation at a controlled temperature will take place, to obtain the natural effervescence. Once the second fermentation, the wine is filtered and bottled.

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