Donna Lucia Spumante Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

Donna Lucia Spumante Brut Colli Piacentini

Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

COLOUR: bright straw-yellow
BOUQUET: elegant, fine and delicate
FLAVOUR: chamois-soft, fresh, very harmonic

Donna Lucia is the “Spumante” (a sparkling wine) of our winery . It is a Brut sparkling wine made using Pinot Noir vinified in white and the Charmat method. It is sparkling, white, dry, bright straw-yellow colour; it has an elegant fragrance, fine and delicate, a soft and fresh flavor, very harmonious, white foam and a fine, continuous and persistent perlage.

Donna Lucia is made from Pinot Noir grapes from our own vineyards. The grapes are harvested usually around August 20. Just crushed and de-stemmed, we proceed with the elimination of the peels through the press. This allows you to get a white wine from red grapes. Once removed the skins, we make a clarification of musts to remove coarse particles and obtain a finer and harmonious wine.

The must is then inoculated with selected yeasts that will conduct the alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation takes place in an autoclave (as required by the Charmat or Martinotti), at controlled temperature (18 ° C): keeping the temperature at this level, we get a long fermentation and gentle which enhances the flavors of the grapes and also allows a delicate fermentation, resulting in a fine and persistent perlage. Past two months in the autoclave, our sparkling wine is cold stabilized and then filtered, after which it is bottled. Once bottled and packaged, Donna Lucia is left to rest for a month before being sold.

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