83 Ortrugo Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

83 Ortrugo Colli Piacentini

Rossi Terre di Cuccagna

COLOR: pale yellow with greenish reflexions
BOUQUET: floral, delicate, with exotic fruits hints
AGING: in bottle
TASTE: off-dry, lightly aromatic, typical slightly bitter aftertaste

83 Ortrugo Colli Piacentini - Rossi Terre di Cuccagna
Ortrugo is the most popular native wine originating in the Piacenza hills and cultivated exclusively here. It can be defined as the pearl of Piacenza’s oenology.

It is a white berry vine variety perfectly suitable for the production of sparkling wines. The “Eighty-three – 83” is the “Terre di Cuccagna” Spumante. The grapes are harvested at the end of August, slightly before their complete maturation – in order to get musts with an adequate acidity – and then pressed in our winery. Immediately after the pressing, the must is transferred to a pneumatic press to eliminate the skins and the grape seeds and then the vinification goes on. This is done because Ortrugo is a delicate wine, therefore let the must ferment alone facilitates the creation of a fine bouquet with a floral aroma and the typical slightly bitter aftertaste .

The must is transferred to the tanks assigned the charmat method working without oxygen to avoid oxidation which would ruin the aromatic precursors typical of this grape variety. To produce a quality sparkling wine, we proceed to a low temperatures long fermentation and after about 60 days the wine is bottled.

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